The People’s Candidate – PAPERBACK


Luis Zaensi

Format: Paper Back
Published Date: October 6, 2023
Pages:  232
ISBN: 978-1-960629-47-0

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Nick Fields is an ordinary citizen that lives an ordinary life. He owns a small mechanic shop in the city of Miami. Even though he had never shown interest in politics, he goes to the democrat presidential campaign inauguration at Miami City Hall to which the security officers tries to deny him entrance. Nick starts an argument with the security officer and a police sergeant demanding his right to enter the event since it was a public event. Nick’s argument demanding his right, caught the attention of a group of fifteen students from the University of Miami who joined to Nick’s demands. Once inside the City Hall Auditorium. the presidential candidate tried to humiliate Nick, but Nick fired back destroying his presidential campaign. That night Nick won the admiration of the students who saw Nick a true leader, received the name of “The Viking”, and made lots of enemies.

The republican presidential candidate tries to use Nick to gain support in his presidential inauguration campaign, but his plans also backfires, and Nick destroys his political carrier as well. After this incident, Nick has created enemies at city-, county-, state- and nation-wide level. Nick is forced to enter politics to fight against his enemies and with the help of the students he manages to be in the first place in the national polls against all odds. Democrats and Republicans cannot understand how a simple mechanic with no political experience and a small group of students with no money could mount such a campaign. The only thing that they agree on is that only a miracle can save them from the Viking.

Luis Zaensi

Luis Zaensi was born in Gtmo, Cuba in 1957. He is a retired law enforcement who used his experiences in dealing with the good, the bad and the ugly to create stories which are not different from the real life. He writes about people, exposing the positive and negative qualities throughout the story. He does not impose any believe in his stories but leaves it to the reader to get their own conclusions and made their own judgment.


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