The Mildenhall Legacy

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Albert Sipes

Published Date: June 27, 2023
Pages: 292

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The Mildenhall Legacy is about relationships and the bonds that people form. The setting is the American southwest, with subplots in Africa, Paris, and the middle east. As the story begins, the main character, Eve, finds herself in troubled waters. She is a survivor in the new millennia. Without prospects but determined to succeed, she takes on a truck driver career. Eve searches for her identity and meets people that solidify her values. Eventually, Eve learns that she is heir to an oil fortune, but it doesn't change her core values. The story weaves between several characters that Eve encounters. Lives are changed for the better, with Eve as the facilitator.

Albert Sipes

Albert Sipes wrote his autobiography, Boomer —1945, published in 2020. A conservative upbringing and sparkle for inquisition have tempered Al’s worldview. He was a copy editor for his Army Division newspaper in Vietnam and worked as a Denver radio broadcaster in a Classical music format. He also experienced life as a company driver in the transportation industry. Al and his wife Cathy live in Colorado. The Mildenhall Legacy is his first novel.


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