The Long and Winding Road

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Lionel Barry Harris

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Without apparent rhyme or reason, a young army corporal is assigned the somber task of escorting the body of a fellow soldier to Chicago, Illinois. Stationed in San Antonio, Texas, the corporal neither knows the deceased soldier, and nor is he, himself, a native of Chicago. Therefore, the selected escort is immediately taken aback by the venture. Personally, he considers himself ill-prepared and somewhat miscast in the endeavor. However, upon taking an in-depth view of the corporal's foregoing life, he could be underestimating himself. The distinct path travelled by the corporal, replete with peaks and valleys, groomed and prepared him dearly. To say the least, for him – it was a LONG AND WINDING ROAD.

Lionel Barry Harris

LIONEL BARRY HARRIS is a native of Saint Louis, Missouri. After serving a three-year tour in the United States Army, he persistently pursued his writing desires while, simultaneously, engaging in a whole gamut of diverse and interesting jobs. Along with managing a large janitorial service (at the age of twenty-two), he was subsequently employed by the federal government – the Saint Louis Police Department, the Wagner Electric Company, the Potter Electric Company, and (most gratifying and enduring of them all) the Saint Louis public schools at the high school level. In addition to the foregoing, Harris worked part-time in the GED educational program, served as a department store salesman, drove a school bus for the Ferguson-Florissant School District (six years) and, afterwards, drove a courtesy bus for senior citizens in Saint Louis county. Although HARRIS recently penned “Up Close and Personal: The Rise of the Trumplican Party” and “Racism, Sexism, Trumpism and Pseudo-Christianity,” he also authored “Dark Yesterdays – Bright Tomorrows” and “On the Wings of Tragedy.”


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