The Journey of a Shepherd’s Wife – PAPERBACK


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Published Date: April 12,2018
Pages: 158
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Virginia Stokes has been a pastor’s wife for over 45 years. Through her heartwarming personal testimony, she opens up about her childhood, life before the ministry, and the churches that she and her husband have served. As well as the devastating reality of moving on when God called them to a new church. At times, it is hard raising children under the watchful eyes of an entire congregation. It’s difficult to minister to your adversaries in the face of harsh criticism. But in The Journey of A Shepherd’s Wife, Virginia is able to find her place in the church and a way to use her talents for God— the only one we should desire to please. Ministers’ wives and churchgoing women alike will find an ally in this shepherd’s wife who knows what it is like to feel tremendous hurt as well as great joy and love in the ministry.

Virginia Cooper Stokes

Virginia Cooper Stokes was raised on a dairy farm with her four brothers, mother, father, and grandmother. She has a BA from Belmont college with a major in Psychology and minor in Sociology. She has been married to Tom Stokes for 45 years; Tom recently retired. Together, they have served churches in the state of Kentucky and are serving churches as a transitional pastor and wife. Tom and Virginia are also serving in their home church by teaching and helping in other ministries. They have made their home in Bowling Green, Kentucky. God has blessed them with two children: a son, David who is married to wife Gretchen, and daughter, Debra. Virginia just retired after 28 years in the field of social work.


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