The Shadow Of The Staff: Tomorrow Is Just A Day Away

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M.A. Haddad

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The Shadow of the Staff, Tomorrow is Just A Day Away is the second novel in the series written by M.A. Haddad and reflects his commitment to provide an enjoyable novel loaded with suspense and excitement. His devotion to the craft of writing continues to grow and improve just as his storyline becomes more complicated and enjoyable for the reader. As his works continue, his characters continue to grow and his experiences as a retired member of the United States military have given him the background to create a solid foundation on which he builds off. Once again, M.A. Haddad has raised the bar in the fantasy genre. While he has no official degrees in the field of writing, his degrees in Computer Sciences and Personnel Administration, along with his 50 years of affiliation with Civil Air Patrol has given him the ability to use his vision to put his thoughts in writing and let him grow as a writer while he makes tremendous strides in his prose and use of grammar. His inspiration by J.R.R. Tolkien and his works is obvious to even the occasional reader. But with The Shadow of the Staff, Tomorrow is Just a Day Away, he shows his own talents and has begun to branch out and is now blazing his own path in the fantasy novel realm. While this novel is a reflection of his determination to improve as a writer his next installment, The Shadow of the Staff, Tordin's Journey promises to showcase M.A.Haddad's growth in the art of providing his readers with even more excitement and adventure as the story of Hatu continues.

After the unexpected victory in the Battle of Malquint, Burton Brew of Myopia took a well-deserved break from his adventures only to be summoned once again to defend the land of Hatu. Book two in the series Shadow of the Staff, Tomorrow is Just a Day Away, follows Burton as he travels throughout the lands helping to find his mentor, Tordin, the Ranger, and find answers to his reoccurring nightmares. Along the way, Burton meets new friends and allies and possibly loves. He also meets Shab, the Orc, who has chosen to follow Burton and become a leader in the battle against evil. Once again, Burton finds himself in the position of having to fight his way throughout the countryside as he tries to avoid Orc's, Trolls, Men, and worst of all Dragons. As the forces of Hatu gather near the Elf/Man city of Constably Major, Lingmowe', the Necromancer from the east prepares to defend his city against the largest army Hatu has ever assembled.

M. A. Haddad

M. A. Haddad, who was born, and still resides in Toledo, Ohio, went to school at DeVilbiss HS and has associates degrees in Personnel Administration and Computer Science. He served in the Ohio Air National Guard/USAF for over 24 years, retiring as a Master Sergeant in 2006. He also has been a member of the Civil Air Patrol for 48 years and wears the rank of Major. This is his first novel but he is currently proceeding on the next book in the series, The Shadow of the Staff, Tomorrow Is Just A Day Away.


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