The Good Shepherd: Shepherding Through Unofficial Shepherds – KINDLE


Alma Angella Sullivan-Lovell

Format: Kindle
Published Date: August 7, 2023
Pages: 172
ISBN: 979-8-89091-122-3

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The Father does not only seek true worshipers, but he seeks those who will nurture the hearts of those true worshipers. He seeks SHEPHERDS!! His ideal candidate does not always possess the skills necessary at the time of recruitment, but he is able to identify a diamond in the rough. Those he uses as unofficial shepherds possess the tenacity and resilience to take the process of refining and therefore build up tolerance for the journey they will take others through, as they are used by God to mentor others into becoming more unofficial shepherds.

It’s within relationships that people become the best of themselves. The Lord has chosen shepherds to share this type of relationship with his people. The question is, are these relationships in place in the body? The answer is yes, they are. Who they are, what do those encounters look like, and where are those relationships being fostered? They are within the normal pastor and congregation interaction, but would it surprise you to learn that many of them may not be the normal “pastor” and “congregation” relationships, or even the small group pastors/leaders megachurches put in place to handle the massive growth they are experiencing. I can guarantee you Christ has a flock, and shepherding must take place, and he is seeing to this, even if it’s not the traditional way we are used to it. He has called, and people have responded and are still responding to his call to shepherd his flock.

This then is what led me to write this book about the Good Shepherd and how he is ensuring that his heart is being developed in those he calls his earthly shepherds. A critical question to answer is, how do you know you are called to be a shepherd. What are the qualifications, attributes, and/or characteristics? I believe if we answer the question of what makes Christ “the” Good Shepherd, we would get the answer to these three questions. In this book I have looked at Christ as the Good Shepherd, then I examined the lives of regular men and women who I see exemplifying these characteristics. Men and women I call unofficial shepherds are being used by God to shepherd his flock. They are men and women who truly love the Lord and have a passion for his people, men and women who have allowed him to process them out so that they can be used by him to shepherd his flock.

Alma Angella Sullivan-Lovell

Angella Sullivan Lovell was raised in a Christian home, but she made Christ the Lord of her life at age 19, when she came to the understanding that a relationship with Christ was a personal decision and that she could no longer depend on the faith of her parents to know God. Surrendering to a personal relationship with Christ has been exciting and still continues to be the most exciting thing about her life. Angella completed her undergraduate studies majoring in theology at Jamaica Theological Seminary and has a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology, majoring in Mental Health / Marriage and Family from Palm Beach Atlantic University. She attends Family Church – Village in West Palm Beach, where she resides with her husband Derek and daughter Desiree. She believes being a companion to the Lord is her first ministry, which brings her into her second ministry of prayer and intercession. She also writes and teaches bible studies, and is currently working on her third book. Being discipled by an intercessor in her early Christian life gave her not only a drive to get to know Christ more, but also a passion to lead others into a growing relationship with Christ. Her early mentor, an intercessor, taught her three very important principles on which Angella has built her walk with Christ: (1) the importance of alone time with the Father in his Word and prayer, (2) what to do with what he shares from his heart for herself and his people, and (3) passion for the body of Christ, not a denomination. These three principles have been the driving force of her faith. As early as Angella can remember, she has had a passion to know the mind of Christ in everyday circumstances and to use that as part of her decision-making process, as well as to mentor others out of her knowledge of the Word and her intimate relationship with God. Apart from her time alone with the Lord, what gives Angella her second greatest thrill is mentoring believers and seeing them grow in intimacy with Christ. Angella’s life has demonstrated the importance of being authentic with people, and so she would always say what needs to be said in her interactions and relationships with others. She is not afraid to confront and challenge, as it is all done in love. A common phrase among those she interacts with is, “you can depend on Angella to tell you the truth.” Her relationship with the Lord is truly admirable. She wrestles with the Lord more than anyone I know, and while wrestling, she never considers the end result. The natural mind may see her as defeated; however, it is usually great spiritual gain in growth and a powerful testimony. It would do Angella a great injustice to write about her and not mention a side of her that so many admire, the “Diva.” Beauty on the inside is her focus, but she is in her element when a friend beautifies herself (and I don’t mean with meekness) outwardly, as well with fashion. If you are one of her friends, she teaches you and helps you to be fashion-conscious within your tolerance level (what a friend!). Again, patience is executed as she holds your hand and subtly helps you along the fashion runway. She even takes the time to get you clothing that will bring out the beauty in you.


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