The God Who Answers Prayer

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Vincent Piccone

Published Date: July 20, 2023
Pages: 100

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Prayer is the way to communicate with God. This book seeks to teach people some of the principles of praying to God. God indeed is a God who answers prayer. When we come to God with humility, honesty, and deference he often answers our prayers positively.

Vincent Piccone

Vincent A. Piccone M.D is a medical doctor who studied Medicine at McGill University after his undergraduate studies at MIT. While at the McGill he resided at Presbyterian College where he developed a strong interest in religion. He has published eight books including Who is God; The God Who answers Prayers; Vengeance and Forgiveness; What Jesus said about the Path to Heaven and Hell; God and Sex; Some of God’s Miracles; A Case for Life; and Bad Habits.


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