The Gift of Sobriety – HARDBACK


Format: Hardback
Published Date: September 13, 2018
Pages: 122
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ISBN: 9781948864534

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"Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of Alcoholics Anonymous. In that tradition, the author has decided to withhold her last name on this book which chronicles her gradual spiritual transformation from the first day she walked into an AA meeting until nine months later. It includes dreams, personal accounts of spiritual experiences, and reflections on topics discussed in AA as well as in books that the author found helpful in her spiritual quest that began well before AA.

This sensitive account is meaningful to anyone who may have deep spiritual longing. The author gradually moves from feeling totally broken to a life of renewal and hope. It includes practical tools for living such as blessing others and asking God for personal change in the face of troubling personal relationships. It is hoped that it will help you along your own personal spiritual path. "

Lynda Rose Bruce “Rose B.”

It is a pleasure to write this forward for Rose B. I have known Rose for over ten years—the last two as her therapist. I’ve watched her ups and downs as she has dealt with great loss and significant emotional challenge. Rose is a highly intelligent, successful career woman and educator with numerous talents, high energy, and a keen spiritual curiosity. She’s also an alcoholic. Once Rose started the 12 Step Program of Alcoholics Anonymous she delved deeply into her search for understanding of the disease, and her own descent into it. She has made a sincere search for self-awareness, humility and spiritual connection. This has meant a leap in her well-being, improvement in all her relationships and the foundation of her equanimity. I have been witness to Rose’s changes in the last year and it is rare that I see someone dedicate themselves so earnestly and completely to their recovery as she.

This book started as a journal for her own healing, for her recovery, and as a record of her experiences. Her decision to turn her own journal/journey into a book for the public comes from her desire to be of service. I think you will find it as engaging and informative as I have.

If you or anyone you know struggles with the disease of alcoholism this book will educate and inspire through the narrative journey of this singular woman.


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