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Format: Kindle
Published Date: November 9,2017
Pages: 94
ISBN: 9781947765498

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In The Gift, Lila Ellexson Senter reflects on Christmases past and takes us along for the journey. Throughout time, she and her friends and family have discovered the joy of “word gifts’’—collections of quotations, original poetry, and stories that have amplified the meaning of Christmas for both the gift giver and the recipient. This book represents some of the most meaningful word gifts they have exchanged over the years. The words, so carefully chosen, reflect a strong faith, and the beautiful artwork that accompanies each word gift amplifies the message.
Reading The Gift is truly a gift to yourself. Throughout the year, pick up this book and let it remind you of the importance of love, family, and faith. And during the holidays, consider wrapping it up for a friend along with a word gift of your own—so they too can reconnect with the true meaning of Christmas.

Senter, Lila Ellexson

Lila Ellexson Senter is a retired social worker living in Abilene, Texas. She and her husband, Bill, with whom she raised three children, enjoy traveling, reading, and volunteering in their community. The Gift was written as a way to promote and support the work of Abilene Hope Haven, a local shelter in the Senters’ hometown.


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