The Fate Of The World Revealed: Be Ready

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Glenna Hartzog

Published Date: April 5, 2023
Pages: 176


Have you ever wondered why some suggest that the rapture is going to be after the Great Tribulation Period? Where would anyone get such an idea? In this study text, you will see a biblical basis for supporting a rapture that is post-trib (after the Great Tribulation). Very few people in the church today have ever heard a teaching on this perspective. No matter what happens, we are not to worry. Our trust is to be in God. Whatever may come, we do not need to be caught off guard.
This is not a salvation issue. However, by learning this biblical perspective, it will help us to be more prepared and better able to understand what is happening if the rapture occurs at a different time than we have been taught or come to believe. If the rapture is before the Great Tribulation, no harm. If we are here during any of the Tribulation period, things could get so hectic that there won’t be time to go through a thorough teaching. Learning it now could mean a great deal.
You will also go through the often mysterious and strange book of Revelation and become familiar with a great way to organize the material by the sequence of events instead of a chronological order of chapters.
Come delve with me into this exciting end-time subject!

Glenna Hartzog

Glenna Hartzog was raised in south Florida. She committed her life to Christ at the age of thirteen and attended a denominational church faithfully. She moved to Alabama, gained a college education, eventually received a master’s degree in nursing from Troy University and was a nursing instructor at Wallace Community College.
Through the years, she has been an avid lover of God’s Word. She has been a member of the full gospel Christian Life Church in Eufaula, Alabama, for over 25 years and was a part of the worship ministry for nine years. Her knowledge of the scripture has come through years of anointed biblical teaching and her own searching of the scriptures through prayerful study and meditation.





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