The Earth

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James Taylor

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"The history of mankind has revealed he has produced great inventions, wonderful works of art, discoveries, and has created a fragile family unit. The Love of man has been revealed in our souls by; poetry, history and by his devotion to his God. Man efforts of love have slowly declined over his years on Earth. Love needs to be motivated and patiently encouraged. This is my intent for writing this book; that one might grow in their love and touch the world that is starving for Godly love. Godly love is not like Man’s love; it has no expectations for paybacks but given freely without cause. I hope to motivate this Godly love within you.

God created the world and made it a world of many colors. He beautified the world with the color of the rainbow. Everything that God created was colored to his perfection, including man. Man does see the things God create as perfect because only visualizes them with his eyes. God expected the man to visualize the beauty that he created with all of his senses; including his spiritual sense. This sense is lead by God and communed straight to man’s heart. "

James Taylor

JAMES L. TAYLOR SR. is the son of Henry Taylor; whose grandfather was a former slave. He was born on a Mississippi Plantation in 1958. He is a product of the Orange County Public school system in Winter Garden, Florida. He attended Valencia C.C in Orlando, Florida in 1976; afterward, he retired from the US Army in 1997. He was self-educated in the history warfare, Spiritual Disciplined Meditation as a soldier. He is an astute student of Theological and Spiritual Doctrine. He has the biblical spiritual gifts of the spirit of knowledge, wisdom, and of faith.

Taylor accepted Christ at an early age and surrendered to preach at age 21. He was served as Assistant Pastor of Holy Light Deliverance Church of Columbus, Ga.

He is married to Loretha Taylor. To this union, two children have been born: Tweetie and James Jr.


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