The Continued Saga of the Shadows of Sawtooth Ridge: Dakota Dean’s Story

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Bernie McAuley

Published Date: September 22, 2023
Pages: 166

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Many stories regarding the Larry Becker Family in The Shadows of the Sawtooth Ridge exist. This is Dakota Dean's story before she became Larry Becker's wife and the mother of his two children. It is the story of a teenager who fell in love with a young cowboy only to choose another way because he was not from her group of rodeo friends. It is a story of a young woman becoming the best in high school, college, and professional rodeo. Later, she became the best in the newspaper world. A jealous boyfriend spoiled the one date in college they had. It is a story of two people and their separate lives, eventually bringing them together twenty years later and the feelings that were always there.

Bernie McAuley

Bernie spent summers growing up on his grandfather’s 14,000-acre ranch in Eastern Montana. Leaving the ranch before entering the Army, he spent a couple of summers working in Glacier National Park. He began his airline career in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota with Northwest Airlines after being discharged. He was transferred back to Great Falls, Montana where he could be found hunting, fishing and team roping in The Shadows of Sawtooth Ridge and in the Bob Marshall Wilderness in his spare time. Transferring to Seattle, Washington he assumed a position in operations. He became familiar with flight crews and worked MAC (Military Air Charter) flights arriving and departing to Vietnam. Retiring from the airlines after 38 years, he became a staff member of the Griffin School District near Olympia, Washington three months later. He now lives overlooking Puget Sound in Lacey, Washington. Never far from his mind are memories of ranching and the beauty of Montana, and he is still wondering where those contrails in the sky are going.


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