The Companion Journal 52 Weeks of Love & Money: For Sabbath Economics

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Judith Wright Favor

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"Fifty-two weekly reflection cycles follow the seven themes of Sabbath Economics. If you fret about debt, follow the DEFICIT thread. If your closets are crammed, peruse pithy comments about STUFF. If your shopping habits are off the chart, consult queries on SPENDING. When you need a break, rest into SABBATH. If you've already done significant work on emotional and financial matters, and want to see what love can do in your circles of connection, follow weekly reflections on SHARING, NEIGHBORING and BELONGING.

This journal is designed for your words and sketches. You may not yet know what you carry in your head, heart and gut, but writing opens up new spaces to discover what is most alive in you. Headed by questions that range from delicate to daring or by quotations from current and ancient guides, each page is designed to support your contemplative approach to fiscal and personal relationships.

As soul-guide Henri Nouwen put it, ""Once we dare to 'give away' on paper the few thoughts that come to us, we start discovering how much is hidden within."""

Judith Wright Favor

Judith Wright Favor Author of • Sabbath Economics: A Spiritual Guide to Linking Love and Money • The Beacons of Larkin Street • Silent Voices • The Edgefielders • Spirit Awakening: A Book of Practices


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