The Chocolate Boat

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Teresita A. Bartolome

Published Date: November 17, 2023
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The story is based on research that 4 years old children have dreams already. But can they remember and able to relate their dreams?
In a Theme Park, two cousins, Grace 5 1/2 years old and Amarie 3 1/2 had adventures from eating ice cream, to picking rings that be worn as bracelets, to finding a house covered with doughnuts and cookies and meeting an old woman who owned the house to boarding a chocolate boat that melted in the water.
Since Grace was older she felt protective of Amarie. She took care of Amarie as best she could. Amarie who is two years younger got easily excited and emotional. She depended upon Grace.

Teresita A. Bartolome

Teresita A. Bartolome is a retired Kindergarten teacher of children with special needs. She and her family lives in California. She has three grown up children and five grandchildren.
The Chocolate Boat is a story I told my children when they where small. That was 45-50 years ago. Now it is being told to my grandchildren with some embellishments.


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