The Bone Pile: Seeing the Elephant – PAPERBACK


Sharon Traner

Format: Paper Back
Published Date: July 2, 2023
Pages:  482
ISBN: 979-8-89091-076-9

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The first part of a Civil War trilogy, this novel begins with Lincoln’s election as told by two historical characters, James Hanger and Halbert Paine. James was an eighteen-year old Virginian who joined the Confederate cavalry while Mr. Paine, a lawyer from Milwaukee, was named colonel of the 4th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry. James’ naïve zeal for adventure is in sharp contrast to Halbert’s probing doubts regarding the validity of the conflict.

This novel tells of the struggles endured by these men as they deal with battlefield brutality as well as the rampant diseases and inhumane conditions suffered by both armies while their families deal with hardships at home. The reader will be introduced to many historical figures encountered by these characters as varying attitudes regarding slavery are explored. These two men are the eyes, ears, and voices of this story about a war that is nearly too terrible to comprehend and still relevant 160 years later.

Sharon Traner

A retired nurse, Mrs. Traner lives in Milwaukee, WI with her husband and large family. She has always been interested in writing, this novel being her fourth published book. Passionate about history, she endeavored to write a story of the Civil War which incorporates historical facts as well as personal attitudes and nuanced perspectives of that era. She believes she has achieved her main objective which was to tell the story from both sides.


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