The Badge, the Balls & the Bullsh-t

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Henry J. Silva

Published Date: February 11, 2023
Pages: 310

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Detective Bobby Olivarez and his partner, Detective Brent Olson, are lead detectives in several investigations that include murder, extortion, and corruption. They involve punk thieves, Mexican cartels, and terrorists from the Middle East with a grand plan to take over the island of Hawaii. These detectives are former military, can out-shoot most, can bench press four hundred plus pounds, and have the will to never lose. They are innovative, clever, and deadly. You certainly would want them on your side.

Henry J. Silva

Born & raised in Honolulu. Catholic and public schools. College-Criminal Justice Degree, Judo, Aikido and Karate instructor. Served in U.S. Army/Army Security Agency. Moved to Hawaii Island in 1973.Police Service: Patrolman thru Major ranks; Undercover, administration, patrol, detective, vice, narcotics, sting operations, District and then Area Commander. Weight lifter, 400+ Lbs. on the bench. Married 55 years, one son. Former police and civilian firearms instructor, & range officer. Badge Battles’ and Betrayal is my third book.


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