The AX

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Jeanette J Kossuth-McAdoo

Published Date: December 16, 2023
Pages: 184

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An ax-wielding murderer hunts victims one by one, and with no rhyme or reason, kills his victims. Not even the police can figure out a motive. Who and why is committing these heinous acts? Dr. Lewis Tanner is back after a in long absence, studying each case he believes he knows who the killer is, but how?

Jeanette J Kossuth-McAdoo

Born in McKeesport, PA, my dream has been to become an author. I now have six books published, I was in the local paper twice, and I had two book signings and sold out both times. Also, I was recognized by a local congressman. Recently featured on the cover of a New York Digital Magazine International Breakthrough, as well as my book, The Ax was in a book fair in Florida.


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