The Alchemy of Understanding: Poetic Therapy for the Soul

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Donna R. Kirven

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This poetry is delicately crafted to leave readers breathless, not because it sifts your breath away through shock or extracts it with sudden expressive impact, but because the potency of human emotion and speed with which these portraits of feeling have been painted have entered the deepest realm of your heart, mind and soul at a pace that pulls your breath inward in its wake, allowing you to experience the most cherished and often unspoken human sentiment. Seek not only to read, but to absorb these verses to see how truly connected we are.

Donna R. Kirven

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Donna lives in Northern California where she enjoys life with her husband and daughters. Just as in her first book, when a Band-Aid Isn’t Enough, she remains true to her mission of sculpting life with words and painting feelings that touch souls. She continues to capture unspoken moments of love, laughter, mood and passion in poetic verse.


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