The African Question

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Dr. Joseph Rukanshagiza

Published Date: December 2, 2022
Pages: 246


This book argues that Africa's political problems began with the formation of African States. The central answer is that African States are artificial both in physical shape but also in the psychology of the people.

Dr. Joseph Rukanshagiza

Dr. Joseph D. Rukanshagiza is a professor Emeritus at State Colleges in all Urbany and Troy New York. He was born in Kabale Town Kigezi District Uganda. He attended Muchayi and Kasyaki Primary School, Junior Secondary School at St. Mary’s College Riushoroza and Senior Secondary School at St. Reo’s College for portal. He obtained first degree at Siena College Loudonville New York. He went on Father’s Studies at State University New York Urbany where he graduated with the Masters Degree in Sociology which emphasize in political sociology and another Masters of Region and Urban Planning (MRP). A PhD in Political Development and Africa. Department Dr. Rukanshagiza extensive teaching career began as a lecturer NSMIE Training Institute in Tebe Uganda. He then went on to teach at the College of Saint Ros Urbany New York and The North Adams State College in Massachusetts. In addition, he has taught at Schenectady Community College, then Siena College and graduate courses at the Urbany State in the Department of African American Studies. The Courses taught include African political thoughts PAN Africanism and the rest theory.


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