The Adventures of Wild Willy: True Stories from 1940 – 1980

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Wilma R. Forester

Published Date: December 28, 2023
Pages: 82

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The Adventures of Wild Willy is a collection of anecdotes, poetry, and essays about Wilma “Willy” Forester growing up in a neighborhood in Chico, CA, around 1940-1980. Willy revisits her little adventures training, riding her horse Bucky, and spending time with her brother Clint, sister Barbara, and childhood friend La Donna. Growing up, they shared the fun as long as they went home before dark.

The coming-of-age story features illustrations by the author to give a glimpse of her reminiscence with her friend or siblings. Willy brings her readers through her imaginative take on storytelling and illustrations.

Wilma R. Forester

Wilma R. Forester is an artist first but loves to write, whether it is fiction or non-fiction. Of course, she gets to illustrate all her stories. Sometimes when she is deep into a tale, it feels like she has stepped into another world and it is a wonderful place of privacy and freedom where she is alone in control and so she paints and writes.


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