The Adventures of No Feet Miller

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Phyllis Glisan

Published Date: January 11,2023
Pages: 21

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A story within a story begins years ago when my two grand sons were six and 8 years old. One day driving down a country road I saw something in the road. I pulled over to the park. I pulled over to the park. I knew what I had to do, even though the boys were upset, and not understand. I saw a snake and found a long branch to scoop up the snake and get it softly. One year ago I was on the same road remembering the day and I pulled over, parked and through the memories out came….I know I can write a book, make a snake that talks, and go from there. A few added unexpected ideas came to life that I hoped to be of interest, of value to the readers such as "Millers" thoughts about God and taking good advice from his friends back home. I hope you enjoy the "all" of it as as I, the author have received self-gratitude and pleasure on going.

Phyllis Glisan

Hi there, I am Reverend Phyllis Glisan. Welcome to my world. Sharing my life, my journey, beginning 1994-2018. A church volunteer in every area and graduated from Bible College. This born-again experience, this joy, I would understand at a later time. 2007 and ongoing, following another graduation I would become a chaplain for hospitals, churches, city communities, and Law Enforcement. I recognized, that I was receiving a new balance of wisdom, closer to God and in some situations doing and achieving the unbelievable. At this place in time, I’m humbled and grateful for this book and my life. I believe God trusted me because NEVER did I doubt, I asked No questions, I had NO fear. I come from a different place in time than most. I was raised in an orphanage, where God did not seem to exist, I did the best I could and God did the rest.


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