The 50 Commands of Jesus: To Know and Obey (TKO)

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JD Biggerstaff

Published Date: August 10, 2023
Pages: 108


Jesus gave 50 commands to his disciples and followers as recorded in the four Gospels of the New Testament.
Many Christians call Jesus their "Lord and Savior," but for most that is only half true. People trust Jesus enough as their "Savior" to keep them out of Hell, but they do not make Him the" Lord" of their lives because they do not know His commands or obey them.
This book lists the 50 commands of Jesus and the relevant scriptures. It explains them in easy-to-understand language, and it provides practical suggestions on how to incorporate those commands into modern living, ie. what to know and do. The book provides a self-assessment process for readers to rate their own level of "obedience" to the 50 commands of Jesus. Blessings will begin to flow to those who know and willingly obey the commands of Christ Jesus.

JD Biggerstaff

JD Biggerstaff is a life coach who states his purpose as “helping people learn how to live a truly blessed life.” He describes himself as a Christian servant leader who is an outspoken realist. He and his wife Lisa live in Denton, Texas where he served as VP of HR for a large international retail corporation. He voluntarily serves on the Board of Director for a non-profit that feeds the hungry and shelters the homeless. He personally sets a goal to bless at least three people
each day (B3/D).


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