Tears of Everro – KINDLE


Format: Kindle
Published Date: August 14, 2019
Pages: 290
ISBN: 9781949981933

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"At the creation the old gods determined, humans required guidance. It was decreed that a solar planetary alignment would occur every five hundred years. At this time a “Calling of the Council of the Elders” would be held bringing diverse beings through the void of time.

King Zaghar and the Lord of the Dead, tried to prevent this “Calling” from happening. The sages foretold this calling would bring an individual far different from any in memory. A teacher from the Planet Earth met all of the genetic criteria. Jeff D’Afoe’s soul was chosen and pulled through the void of time and space to the Planet of Palestus.

In this adventure; Jedaf’s as his name translates, begins his new life. After acclimation to this world, he travels the length of the Semedian Continent to the City of Joroca. In his quests to contain evil once more, he must survive the challenges of the evil lord, and make a pilgrimage to Tabalis, the City of the dead."

David A. Stuhler

David A. Stuhler was born in the Dutch town area of Rochester, New York, in 1943. He is a graduate of Madison High School and lived in the inner city until shortly before being drafted into the United States Army. After leaving the service, he attended several trade schools and has worked at various architectural, structural, and manufacturing companies in New York. He is currently working as a construction and project manager. Dave is married to Ann E. Stuhler and has three daughters: Laura, Rebecca, and Christine.


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