Tai Chi Mind: Revised – PAPERBACK


William H. Koar

Format: Paperback
Published Date: 
August 26, 2022
Pages: 118


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What is this book about? At one level it is about life, death, earning a living and relationships. What could be more important than that? I wrote the book after an operation and during my recovery. I also had in mind helping my Tai Chi teacher by way of trying to get him a little more in the public eye. Daniel as I explained grew up during the Cultural Revolution. Some people say thirty million people or more died during that period of time. He was also one of the first scholars sent by China to the United States as an act of goodwill after the then President Nixon’s efforts to create a dialogue the United States the People’s Republic. Given these incredibly circumstances it is no wonder Daniel is someone who is full of knowledge and why I wanted help if I could.

William H. Koar

I grew up on the East Coast. I like to say during a time of war and protest. Things are different now but also much the same. My parents got divorced when I was in sixth grade. This had a profound effect on my life’s trajectory. My academic career was anything but a straight line. I had trouble in school. I was apparently a bad student, a trouble maker or both so I got sent off to a number of different boarding schools. The first one was just after the divorce and it was a unique experience to say the least. Later on I would drop out of college only to return years later and eventually earn a Ph.D.


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