Sugar of Lead

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Almer John Davis

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Be spun away to the Malibu coast of Southern California's Pacific Rim and witness the harrowing tale of love, crime, and redemption that author Almer John Davis weaves in his gothic-gangster-surreal novel, Sugar of Lead. Meet thirty-year-old Michael "Sugar" Pierce, a Caucasian American mobster who gets lost among Asian American mobsters in Malibu. Experience how love, death, the present, and the past all intertwine in a savage ritual dance for his soul — as he attempts to atone for the murder of the man he considers his "blood brother," Simon Rhee. Accompany him as he also tries to save the love of his life, Simon's widow, Katherine Song Rhee. Immerse into the shadowy and dangerous world of Michael in Sugar of Lead.

Almer John Davis

Almer John Davis is a successful private teacher and published novelist, short story writer, poet, and produced screenwriter. His shorter pieces have appeared in the magazines “Poetry L.A.”, “Crosscurrents” and “Writer’s Forum”. His novel The Manchilde, Iron Tree Press, was called “notable” and “highly imaginative” by the Los Angeles Times.


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