Success Against All Odds – KINDLE


Format: Kindle
Published Date: April 19,2018
Pages: 98
ISBN: 9781947765979

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Don’t let the obstacles in your life discourage you from accomplishing your goals. In Success Against All Odds, you’ll discover the secrets behind finding inspiration and success in your life and career. This simple, easy-to-implement guide will teach you how to:

Set positive intentions that inspire you every day so your past does not determine your future;

Create alternatives, because the power to change our lives lies within each of us, as does the power to realize our dreams; and

Find and secure your ideal career using five proven steps.

Plus, useful tips and practical advice at the last chapter to put these practices into motion.

This is a great time to begin a more successful life. Why not start now?

Regina O. Ozoemela

REGINA OZOEMELA is a lifestyle and career coach, author, and contributing author of two international bestsellers. After struggling for years as a poverty-stricken and divorced teen mother of three in Nigeria, Regina is passionate about helping men and women who feel stuck in their career and life to break through the perceptions, environment, and mindset that hold them back from true happiness. By transforming hardship into opportunity and persistence into achievement, she naturally inspires others to do the same. Regina and her husband live in Boston, Massachusetts.


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