Spirit of Christ: Expanded Edition – PAPERBACK


Don Di Spirito
Format: Paperback
Published Date: 
March 24, 2022


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Spirit of Christ is a scriptural and spiritual guide for all seeking a deeper and fuller-understanding and experience of the Spirit of Christ in daily living. It explores over forty dimensions of faith working through the love in a Christ-centred life, succinctly presented to afford time-conscious readers in substantive reflections and related prayers for daily Christian living. A resource and reference section provides an anatomy and discussion of prayer. Included is an annotated reference of related books. The book is equally applicable for independent reading and praying well as for group discussion and formation.

Don Di Spirito

Don Di Spirito is a graduate of three universities and holds a Ph.D. in Higher Education. A former naval officer who has served two tours of active duty on navy ships. Following naval service was selected as a member of the first class of the newly formed Seminary founded for older Catholic men studying for the priesthood where he studied Philosophy and Theology. He subsequently served three years on Capital Hill as an assistant to Rhode Island Congressman of his home state. Following his marriage, he accepted a position at a state university in Pennsylvania where he served in the Administration and on the faculty while concomitantly also studying for his doctorate at the University in Pittsburgh.

He was subsequently chosen to be Fellow of the American Council on Education and served in the Bureau of Higher Education Department Washington, D.C. Following service in the Education Department, he accepted an administrative position in Association Management, with two subsequent Associations before retiring in Virginia. In retirement he and his wife volunteer to serve the Annandale Christian Community for Action (ACCA), a non profit organization of 27 Christian Churches serving the poor.


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