Spider’s New Friend – PAPERBACK


Dirdura Wynn

Format: Paper Back
Published Date: August 15, 2023
Pages:  44
ISBN: 979-8-89091-119-3

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Spider's New Friend is a Fable. This fable is used to depict a human dilemma, In this story Spider is going up a waterspout on a sunny day. But all of a sudden the clouds hid the sun and it begin to rain, Spider tumbled to the ground, Big Grouchy Bug saw Spider tumble to the ground and laughed, his friends also heard the commotion and rushed over and encouraged their friend. This story was written during the 2021 Pandemic and shows how everyone needs a friend. Dirdura hope you enjoy reading, Spider's New Friend as much as she enjoyed writing it.

Dirdura Wynn

Dirdura Wynn is an Early Childhood Educator, she gets to instruct and guide young children in her facility, Wynn’s Licensed Home Childcare. she is married to David Wynn they have 6 children. She has been writing for nearly 30 years and has a submission in the African American Anthology- The Kenta Cloth, the poem is The Cycle. She has also written children bible songs for bible class. She and her family attends, The Greenville Ave, Church of Christ where she has taught in the infant and toddler classroom, but in the past 13 years she have been teaching the 6th grade classroom. She also hope to continue to publish more books.


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