Something in the Sky: First Book in the Lyle Kent Series

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June A. Reynolds

Published Date: February 26, 2024
Pages: 122

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Dear Reader,
Being a kid in the 21st century is hard in many ways and everyone has a story to tell. This is just one story about a person and it starts in 2008.

Lyle Kent is an average fifteen-year-old who is just starting high school when his whole life is turned upside down in a single day. He must use all his courage to help his family survive the loss of everything they once had, including their family or "tribe" as Lyle's Mom calls them.

Just as they get settled again, in a new and strange state, Lyle's personal life is threatened. One kind act spins the gossip and bullies of a small town into a frenzy and Lyle feels he must act. Lyle is always looking for a sign; perhaps it is written in the sky. He keeps hoping he will find something magical, but he finds that he has to look within himself for strength.

This story is based partially on a true moment in time. The writing that Lyle is based is from the folklore of the desert of Arizona and the mythic native culture of the Pacific Northwest.

June A. Reynolds

June A. Reynolds was born and lived most of her life in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. She married a desert rat from Tucson, so for the past ten years, she has spent time in Arizona. She finds the contrast between the desert and the rainy forest very interesting, and yet there are many things that both parts of the West have in common.


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