Shield of Lantius

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David C. Corbett

Published Date: January 4, 2024
Pages: 280

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Flying his Harrier, Major Dar Fantin stares into the North Carolina night sky with skepticism. Stopping in mid-flight is impossible at thirty-eight thousand feet, but that's exactly what an orange ball of light was doing. That was one of the last thoughts Dar had as he was sucked aboard the Nanta. Held captive, along with twenty-three other fighter pilots from around the world, he is assigned a guide. Littia educates her charge, imparting the language and historical background of Lantius. The Lantiusians have come to help Earth ward off an assault by the Womongly, a warring race in search of natural resources. Supreme Commander Jicama will provide everything required, including space fighters to carry the fight to the enemy, but the Lantiusians will not personally engage the Womongly. Their religion forbids killing.
Dar is elected Commanding Officer of Space Fighter Squadron – One. As the unit's new commander, he leads an attack on the Womongly ship, Dectima, losing several men, but annihilating many of the ill-prepared enemy's Strike Dragons. The squadron doesn't understand why the Womongly are not better fighter pilots but is pleased they are not.
A Lantiusian pet, the utapotus, befriends Dar. Through this small ugly animal, he and Littia can “mind talk.” Dar's being chosen by the utapotus distresses Littia, as such an event is foretold in Lantuisian religious doctrine. Is Dar The One? If he is, it could mark the end of Lantuisian society. She hides her knowledge from Supreme Commander Jicama, who closely scrutinizes the actions of his guests.

David C. Corbett

David C. Corbett retired from the Marine Corps in 1990 as a full colonel. During his thirty-year career, he flew a variety of fighter aircraft ending with the AV-8B Harrier. He also commanded a Harrier squadron, a support group, and a Marine Air Ground Assault Group. Writing for seventeen years, he has had an array of articles published in sailing, fishing, and professional military periodicals. As the Associate Editor of Coastal Cruising Magazine, he wrote a bimonthly column until 1997. “Shield of Lantius” is his third novel. Corbett lives in eastern North Carolina with the love of his life, Donna.


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