Sex, Lies & Dreams: From Planet Consciousness to Flesh to Peace

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David G. Bickler

Published Date: May 26, 2023
Pages: 444

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Sex, Lies & Dreams opens up the truth about our mixed species planet and was prompted by our current world of chaos. It is author David G Bickler's personal birth mission to unite our world in oneness and openness. This book is a new path to a better world, realism as a function, and the truth as the path.
REALISM is a platform built-up by the truth. It is my personal mission to rewrite our false history and reveal the truth on all levels. We the inhabitants of earth the said humanoid species demand the truth.We together must DELIVER Earth to all new arrivals as a safe sanctuary to honor each life birthed. We are a mixed skinned species seeded on earth to achieve peace thus allowing integration and coexisting with the Et-humanoid species beyond Earth.

David G. Bickler

Honestly my individual biography isn’t as important as anyone else’s until we together achieve peace thus allowing our lives to be worth sharing. I am driven by the consciousness of creation and wish to prove what loving unconditionally can do for all Earth arrivals. Each life each day must be lifted to its highest point of dreams for you’ve and all of us have been seeded here in this reality to enjoy our differences and expand our physical forms we’ve created.



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