Seven Steps of Faith Traveling With God – KINDLE


Margret V. Oglesby with William H. Anderson Jr.

Format: Kindle
Published Date: September 27, 2023
Pages:  202
ISBN: 979-8-89091-212-1

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A Belief Guide to Faith and Transformation guided by the Seven Steps of Faith. This book is dedicated to the women in my life who gave much and lived the unwavering assurance of faith. They achieved power from the inner strength given freely through God's grace – moving forward by faith and courage. These courageous and beautiful women have walked by faith and not by sight in many situations known – yet adhering to the strong belief principles of trusting God.

This small book also reflects my personal journey as I stepped out on faith – walking with a poetic heart traveling with God.

Margret V. Oglesby with William H. Anderson Jr.

Margret V. Oglesbly attended Arkansas Baptist College in Little Rock Arkansas for two years, and later earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Missouri St. Louis in Sociology. She founded “Stepping Out on Faith Production” in 1995 working with untapped talent of inner-city youth in St. Louis, Missouri. She has work in the corporate industry for over 25 years, but her true passion is writing and poetry since 1980. She said, “There were times in my life that I felt that God was not with me. I believe that these are the times that He wanted me to grown in faith.” As she stepped out on faith on her own personal journey, God revealed to her the seven steps of faith. My greatest accomplishment was learning to depend on God and letting Him take full control of my life. Sometimes on your journey, you might feel you have taken s backstep, however be encouraged for there is one constant truth: God is with you on the journey. Keep the Faith!

Margret attends Christ the King United Church of Christ – Florissant, MO under the guidance of Pastor Traci Blackmon and currently under Pastor Joshua D. Harper.


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