Sector Rotation for Future Millionaires: 21 Strategies for Experts and Beginners alike

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Tony Pow

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"Why you want to read this book.

* As of 5/2020, I made over 4 times using sector rotation starting the amount more than my yearly salary then.

* I have 21 strategies on sector rotation while most books have only one.

* Andrew, a columnist on the Sector Rotation at Seeking Alpha, said, “Great stuff, Tony. It's great to meet experienced traders such as yourself. I had a browse through the book and think your method is a little more refined than mine.” "

Tony Pow

“I graduated from Cal. State University at San Jose in Industrial Engineering and the University of Massachusetts in Amherst with an MS in Industrial Engineering. I have retired from a job in IT. Since then, I have read hundreds of books on investing and run thousands of simulations on investing strategies. I have been an investor for over 30 years and have written over 30 books on investing. I have written a few articles on investing for “”Complete the art of investing”” is my best work. The Kindle version has about 850 pages and received a 5-star rating from all reviewers as of 1/2020. Here are my accomplishments in investing: • I made 50% in a month by using my year-end strategy. I challenge any investor with this monthly return in a diversified portfolio of 8 stocks or more. • I recommended 20 stocks in an article Amazing Return in Seeking Alpha. If you bought them on the published date, in a year you would have beaten the S&P index by over 100% without considering dividends. I made 80% in my largest taxable account in 2009 using SECTOR ROTATION. “


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