Secret Paws

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Margaret Tomlinson

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Dimensions 8.5 × 11 in

Shadow is a small kitten and loves to play in the leaves raked up against the fence. One day she discovers a hole in the fence that leads to the outside world and charges forward through the opening into the street. As she lay in the street, Shadow hears a rumbling noise and looks to see a big yellow bus coming toward her. Quickly Shadow spots a storm drain opening and dives head first into the drain. It is now the scary and secret world of the underground awakens to find Shadow in their space. Follow Shadow to see if she gets out of this drain and the obstacles that happen to her.

Margaret Tomlinson

Margaret Tomlinson and husband, Bill, live in Lake Jackson, Texas. They have a male cat, Robin, and female cat, Tree, and recently adopted a two-year-old male Lab named Kale. Margaret is a retired real estate broker/owner of over thirty years. Bill is also retired and loves our blended family of feline and canine companions.


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