Sassy Sonja: Virgin Bride – PAPERBACK


Sarah Sewell Wolters

Format: Paperback
Published Date: 
August 26, 2022
Pages: 248


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Sonja Kent is a bright and talented girl who was raised in the home of a domineering, abusive father and passive mother. Her life is turned upside down at the age of sixteen, when her father's business fails and she is forced to move from Augusta, Georgia to Jacksonville, Florida. Her college scholarship was gone and separated from her beloved Aunt Mabel and Grandmother Mary. Sonja finds solace in her music.
Sonja does her best to survive in a home ruled by money, obsessed, selfish, and meets Walter, the young choir director. She is swept off her feet by Walter and marries him. But rather than finding escape from her father and the simple life of peace and stability she craves, Sonja quickly realizes she made a terrible mistake, her husband is sexually abusive and emotionally disturbed. Her life becomes a doubt existence, where she publicly pretends to be a happy, newly married woman, while privately she tries to convince her husband to stop hurting her and seek professional help. A woman of faith, Soja fights for her marriage but some things are not meant to be read. How will Sonja survive behind the closed door of marital rape.

Sarah Sewell Wolters

Sarah Sue Wolters began the study of piano at age five and music was the primary method for expressing her feelings. She wrote for political reasons during the Vietnam War and later published a book of poetry. Today she is a senior citizen with an empty nest and a brand new BA degree in Technical Communications. She lives in Virginia and is writing the sequel.


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