Romans Chapter 8: Words Search – PAPERBACK


Jack Hetzel

Format: Paperback
Published Date: November 1, 2022
Pages: 140
ISBN: 978-1-959761-00-6

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In my spirit it seemed that a lot of Romans chapter 8 is misunderstood because writers of yesterday were reading it with natural understanding and teachings, therefore leave out the greatness of our God and that His word is much more powerful than modern day teaching can understand and we can see the truths recorded there should be interpreted by the word of God rather than the books written about it. Romans chapter 8 provides a much better understanding of what God is like and that the circumstances of life are but speed bumps in a parking lot to those who place their trust in God and the things that Satan may bring on us and the goodness of God is Him taking advantage of ill situations and working them together to the good of believers. He paid the full price for true believers to live in peace, health and victory through what He did on our behalf. Either the word of God is absolutely true, proving the word by the word alone.

Dr. Jack Hetzel

Born November 18, 1921 to Rev & Mrs R. Hetzel. Jacks father was a Church Planter, who planted seventeen churches. Jack spent three years in the US Army Air Corps, three years in the US Air Force and fourteen years in the US Army, retiring as Sergeant First Class from the Army teaching Military Science at Texas A&M University . Jack has ministered in most of Western Europe, England, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy and Spain, Korea, Japan, Australia, and Ghana West Africa. Jack currently pastors First United Methodist church in Big Sandy Texas.


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