Rock, Further Proof of God’s Sense of Humor

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C. B. Skelton, MD

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"This book is written to show how God used an unmentionable congenital deformity to turn the path of a hopelessly poor tenant farmer’s son from a dead-end path to his quest for a medical education. This change led to Army service that brought him exactly the minimum number of days of G.I. Bill needed to complete medical school. Stand in awe as Rock realizes this.

In Rock, Further Proof of God’s Sense of Humor, Doc relates incidents that range from the mundane to side-splitting to spine-tingling. Laugh as Doc Osborne says the boy “won’t have no peers among the little pee’rs.” Quake with him as he “outruns” a Russian Tommy-gun shortly after World War II."

C. B. Skelton, MD

C. B. Skelton, MD, is a retired Family Practitioner who served more than forty-two years in Winder, GA. He gained his AB degree from Mercer University at age 18, and was drafted into the U.S. Army. After two years of army service, he entered Emory University

School of Medicine, followed by internship and residency in Louisiana. He began medical practice in Winder, GA, in 1953, retiring in 1995.

His public writing career started in 1994 when he began a newspaper column, Random Rants in Rhyme. This column continues to this day. Other books by Doc are, Dirty Laundry don’t Take No Doctor’s Orders; Fil-Osophy/Phool-Osophy; Rhyme for All Seasons, and A Simple Seller of Noodles.


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