Robika the Adventurous Hungarian

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Louise Andrea Dube

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"Robika begins as a child opera star in Budapest at the age of eleven. He is a commoner and has a secret love affair with a ballerina, the daughter of an aristocrat. Their relationship is forbidden, but in spite of it, their relationship becomes steamy and continues for 5 years. When Hitler’s army closes in on Hungary, the Opera house closes, and he is drafted into the Hungarian army while his ballerina escapes to Sweden.

WWII ends and Robika goes to work for the American Embassy and Is trained to become a secret spy. Within a few years, he is drafted into the Russian Communist Army. Four years later, he is arrested as an enemy spy. He is tortured for a year and is given a death sentence. The day of his execution, he is given amnesty and serves six more years as a political prisoner.

At the time of the Hungarian Uprising, the Soviets offer to release Robika providing he becomes a secret spy for the Russians. He accepts their offer and becomes a double agent, only to give the Soviets useless information because his heart lies with the Americans.

In due time, Robika cleverly devises a plan and successfully convinces both sides to help him escape the country without either side’s awareness. At long last, he kisses the ground when he reaches the Austrian border.

“Louise Andrea Dube’s Robika is a grand adventure definitely worth reading.” —ReadersMagnet Reviews—

Louise Andrea Dube

“This fiction novel, based on a true story, consists of 368 pages in 36 chapters with approximately 20 illustrations. The story weaves romance, sadness, joy, and history. It’s a man’s book, and I know it will interest many readers, as it contains many known and hidden facts about WWII and the Communist Regime in Eastern Europe. I have also written a sequel book which continues after his escape from Eastern Europe. I am a 73-year-old artist and have spent decades in various creative endeavors. This is my first attempt at publishing a book, although I have written several others. I appreciate your consideration!


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