River of Wind: Third book in the Lyle Kent series – PAPERBACK


June A. Reynolds

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Published Date: September 15, 2023
Pages:  206
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River of Wind is the final book in the Lyle Kent series. The first is Something in the Sky. The second is Land Over Time. The book starts in the fall of 2008 and ends in the third book in the fall of 2011.

In River of Wind, we follow Lyle through his Junior and Senior years at Sherwood High. We see how he handles the many disasters at the home farm and house. We see that his Mother is changing as well, and so is Lyle. Finally, there is a day of reckoning at a place called "Crack In the Wall", a fabled place that has unreal properties which take the reader back in time. Lyle was not wanting to go back there but does so at the urging of his girlfriend, Janice. Only the river of wind can get these hikers back to their regular life if you call it regular.

June A. Reynolds

June A. Reynolds just turned 71 years old. Now that is getting up there, but her 40 years of working in Public schools, her current occupation being education director for the Sherwood Historical Society, and her dotage on her two grandsons makes her a fine candidate for writing a young adult series. In fact, the core idea for these three books was based on a real student that she worked with starting in 2008.
June was born in Portland, Oregon and when she was ten, her family moved to a farm on Chehalem Mountain, sister mountain to Parrett Mountain. She went away to college and work, but in 1999 moved back to Sherwood Oregon. By 2001, June began the effort to chronicle the History of Sherwood. She is now getting ready to publish the 1940-1950 edition of the history.


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