Revelation of Jesus Christ Interpreted

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Dean R. Eyerly

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"Battles in revelation may be seen as referring to spiritual warfare. The beast from the sea may be identified as the satanically inspired political opposition to the church and the beast from the land as the opposition of pagan religion to Christianity. The Harlot represents either the compromised church or the seduction of the world in general. Each broken seal or trumpet depicts some reality that may be observed in history or on a recurring basis.

The book open as its author, John of Zebedee, tells how he was the ""in the spirit""when he suddenly heard a loud voice of Jesus speaking to him announcing that God is about to make war on the evil powers that have taken over the world and that, although the cosmic war will destroy the entire universe, ultimately God will prevail, throwing evildoers onto a lake of eternal fire, while at the same time welcoming the righteous into his kingdom.

Since 2003, Dean Eyerly has conducted biblical research as a hobby and enjoys sharing his finding with the others. Eyerly firmly believes, as do all Christians, that Jesus is extraordinary, was a teacher of wisdom, a 'being' that mankind should emulate. Eyerly is the author of — Between Heaven and Hell (2009); The Face of Jesus (2012); A Man of His Time (2018); The Authentic Jesus of Nazareth (2018); A Revelation of Jesus Christ Interpreted (2018). "

Dean R. Eyerly



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