Recovery from an Alcoholic’s Collateral Damage – KINDLE


G. Michael Sanborn

Format: Kindle
Published Date: March 5, 2024
Pages:  234
ISBN: 979-8-89091-494-1

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An alcoholic is always an alcoholic. When the alcoholic is no longer actively drinking, that person is an alcoholic in recovery. The harm that alcohol causes to one's life remains as emotional and physical scars. The alcoholic learns how to cope with it to mitigate these damages. Some are superficial scars that are more easily managed while deeper scars are not so obvious or easily managed. Those of us closest to the alcoholic may have been even more severely harmed than the alcoholic, even though we avoid using alcohol. We learn our own coping mechanism like the alcoholic, most notably the denial. We are also always in recovery.

G. Michael Sanborn

Mike grew up in a single parent home with a violent, alcoholic mother. He has struggled all his life to escape his mother’s dominance and intrusions into his life. The impact lasted even after her death. There were several major events that helped. The first was getting a college education. Another was finding the best life partner. His army experience was another significant factor in his recovery from his mother’s effects. There were many individuals along his life’s path that contributed to his recovery. A strong set of personal ethics also has been a compelling force.


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