Real Prison Real Freedom

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Rosser McDonald

Published Date: September 30, 2022
Pages: 242

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REAL PRISON / REAL FREEDOM is a biography of Rickie Smith and how his life intersects with the woes of the prison system and with Warden Keith Price.
Naturally, he wanted out, knowing that realistically it will never happen. Officials told him he'll never get out. Then came the impossible that shocked everyone, especially Rickie.

Prisons, an integral part of society, generally are not familiar to most people. Length of sentence and treatment by others in the prisons vary widely. The immediate "Man-in-charge" of each prison unit is the warden, who has some flexibility within TDCJ guidelines. Warden Dr. Keith Price gained a reputation for turning around some chaotic prison units. He knows from experience that at best, prisons are very difficult places for people, whether they are behind the bars or in front of them.

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Rosser McDonald

Rosser McDonald is an experienced writer. Sixteen years reporting news on TV in Oklahoma and Texas. Then twenty-eight years as a producer at the Radio and Television Commission, SBC. Twelve of those, Rosser produced and scripted documentaries for use on NBC TV stations. Two brought Emmy Award nominations. He has many Telly Awards (cable TV version of Emmys) and other recognitions. His wife, Glenda, is a life-long musician on piano and organ.


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