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Robert Domico

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"Robert Domico will show you how to pull two million dollars cash out of a 100,000 sq. ft. shopping center in one year and still own it. And it is still worth the same money. Domico will also show you how to purchase a 100 slip marina for $4,000 a slip and sell it for $30,000 to $40,000 per slip. The Master of Mirrors, as he is called, will teach you in detail how to purchase a piece of real estate for 100,000 and sell it for 4 to 6 times what you paid for in one year.

• You will learn how to purchase any size building you want, by putting a syndication together giving the tax right offs to your investors and own 100% of the building in five years yourself. • You will also learn how to make between a half-million and a million doing a 1031 exchange. • You will learn how to control millions of dollars’ worth of real estate simply by the wording on the agreement to purchase.

Domico will show you the use of real estate on how to double or triple the value of the property and by changing it to the highest and best use. So what is the highest and best use? In buying Domico's book for $30.00 you can use his fifty-year experience in the real estate business to make huge amounts of money.

• Learn how to control millions of dollars’ worth of real estate, using other people’s money and credibility. • Learn how to make millions on Marijuana by syndication and purchasing farms all over the county. • Learn how to put your commissions back into deals and own 100% of theproperty in five years.

You must purchase this book to learn exactly how to perform these actions, its 300 pages over 100 highest and best use deals. Other books written by Domico are: ""How to Make a Million Dollars a Year in Real Estate with No Money"" and ""Real Estate Mogul"" All books are available on Amazon, Borders and Barnes and Noble. Website:"

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