Raven’s Rage: Order of the Claw

$ 23.99

Kerry L. Marzock
Published Date: May 18, 2022
Pages: 482


Raven's Rage, Order of the Claw, picks up the horrific story from Kerry L. Marzock's first book "Raven's Way". Johnny Raven, our hero, continues to seek out the pack of werewolves who killed his wife and unborn child. All the while, he is worrying about his new found love, Kat, as she struggles coming to terms with not only her increditibly deep love and infatuation for Johnny Raven, but also the new found changes taking place since her transformation began after being bitten by Johnny to save her life. After all, to become a beast is not very easy for a mere human.

Raven's Rage is more ferocious and frightening than the first installment; a definite page-turner from the beginning to end with one of the most climactic closing scenes ever read, taking place at the mysterious and eerie Eastern State Peniteniary in Philadelphia.

Constant action and battles, tied around a very beastly love affair.

Kerry L. Marzock

I’ve lived in Philadelphia, a city that I love, for forty-six years, and Pennsylvania for nearly my entire life. Most of the years spent in the City of Brotherly Love with my dearly departed husband, Richard, and numerous cats and dogs (Sheena and Rain, both shepherd/chows.) who are playing with him on the far side of the Rainbow Bridge. Rain has a big part in the Raven novels. My current cat, Queen Cleocatra (Cleo for short), is a sweet and wonderful part of my life. Recently retired I am now finally able to write full time, something I’ve dreamed of doing for so long. There will certainly be a third Raven novel which has been started with completion hopefully next year. There will also be my first fantasy novel that I plan on finishing before year end to be released early next year as well. Now entering the third part of my life (retirement), I plan on writing and creating as much as possible as my crazy mind dreams up new, exciting, and fearful tales. Another novel, “The Reptilian Factor” is available about an alien on the loose in and around Tucson, AZ. So enjoy, check out my website at: kerrymarzock.com .


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