Random Thoughts on Love: I Like To Read Something Different To Take A Break From Life

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Veronica Atanante Kung

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It is time to move on in this book series of Random Thoughts. This journal continues to be a word of encouragement to those with mental illness or to those who know someone with mental illness to follow a path that perseveres to a relatively happy life. A happy life needs good thoughts. Random Thoughts on Love is a book of good thoughts. In reality, it is a struggle in my mental illness to think of good thoughts. I had to commit myself to making the choice. To make the choice, it began last year when I heard that the best way to start off my day is to greet the Holy Trinity. I have done that ever since and it led me to writing about thoughts on love. In mental illness, any thoughts of love exist very minimally. But it is possible to change this by choosing to make the change.

Veronica Atanante Kung

I suffer from Schizoaffective Disorder and have this disorder since 1992. I have seen multiple psychiatrists and have found my treatment can be supplemented with happy thoughts, to gain as much as possible a normal happy life. In writing my first book, I have found God’s listening ear is the best medicine.


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