Random Acts of Mayhem

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Luther Lovelace Jr.

Published Date: March 13, 2023
Pages: 520

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Though Isaac Preston has been battling depression nearly 17 years. he's landed a a new teaching position, his first steady paycheck in years. Despite the fact that good fortune is slowly creeping its way back into Isaac's life, it comes as no surprise that he clings to old habits, sitting alone at his desk, his brown bag lunch in front of him, pondering "what if" scenarios and second-guessing decisions made that altered his life forever.

Living a blue-collar lifestyle was not what was supposed to happen. There'd been a time when the world was his oyster. Seventeen years earlier–the spring of 1995, to be exact –his wizardry on the basketball court had earned him the title, "Heir to the throne." He'd forged himself into an unstoppable force. But in the wake of the double murders in Brentwood, two converging stories would unfold in and around Los Ageles, one linked to events related to the O.J. trial, the other to the trials and tribulations of an up-and-coming scholastic basketball phenom.

Many things were heating up at Isaac's school that year, including a pilot project designed to re-integrate youthful offenders back into a normal scholastic setting. What happened as a result caught everyone off guard and no one was prepared for the resulting turmoil and Random Acts of Mayhem.

Luther Lovelace Jr.

L. C. Lovelace participated in high school athletics until a series of injuries began to take their toll.


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