QUOTES, JOKES and STORIES TO LIVE BY: Mostly from the “Hood”

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Frederick Jordan

Published Date: September 19, 2023
Pages: 62

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This book, "Quotes, Stories and Jokes to Live By," is meant to be a guide to enhance one's life and to facilitate the critical decisions that one continually faces in life. It is a "No Nonsense," down to earth humorous advice and counsel from not only scholars and famous people, but mostly from ordinary people surviving in the ghetto or low income neighborhoods, commonly known as the "HOOD."

Frederick Jordan

Frederick Jordan grew up in the projects of North East Washington, DC. He survived the rigors of gang wars and lack of opportunity to go on to obtain an undergraduate and graduate degrees in Civil Engineering from Howard University and Stanford University, respectively. His respect and commitment to the improvement of the African American and other minority communities allowed his engineering practice to reach into many of the major ghetto areas of the United States.
His engineering, civil rights and philanthropic activities has garnered him over 100 local and national awards and accolades.


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