Punk Medicine – PAPERBACK


Dr. Robert Brown

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September 30, 2022
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Most doctors are now treating symptoms, not patients. They use drugs which, many times have horrible side effects. There are many cures used for hundreds or, even, thousands of years, that are purposely passed by to sell you these drugs. Medical schools provide almost no training in nutrition and supplements so that our doctors know as little as possible about keeping us healthy. When has your doctor ever looked into your diet? Healthy patients don’t make big profits. How can it be that our government promotes bribery(lobbies) of most of the departments and representatives that were put there to protect US? The Covid debacle was controlled by politicians, not anyone qualified and it was amass with corruption and dishonesty, especially from the media.
What can we do about this uncontrolled dilemma? Forget politics when you vote and find, as best you can, the most honest candidate who is committed to our welfare, not the dollar.

Dr. Robert Brown

Dr. Brown, at 84 years of age, despite “modern medicine” has returned to the healthy, active and youthful man he was before another near death experience he suffered in March of 2021.
Due to a severe reaction to Covid-19 he developed Guillian Barre Syndrome, an auto-immune disease where one’s body produces too many antibodies. To make it worse, with very little knowledge, doctors insisted he be vaccinated which brought back GBS in spades, causing him to go into a coma, near death for three days. In their continued stupidity, they informed his family that, if he made it, he would never be normal. The disaster was exacerbated creating huge financial loss by believing them and selling his practice and many of his belongings.
Because of another near death experience when he was 31, also caused by doctor stupidity, Dr. Brown began the study of many forms of medicine and he took over his own treatment allowing complete recovery. The most recent form is quantum medicine which he feels has a good chance of replacing Punk Medicine.
Dr. Brown grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, attending UC Berkeley, majoring in Physiology, with minors in physics, chemistry and math. He went on to UC Medical Center getting his degree in dentistry and orthodontics. He practiced orthodontia for 47 years. He then founded the Advanced Oral Diagnosis and Treatment Center which treats head and neck pain, TMD and Sleep Medicine.
As a gift to his community Dr. Brown founded The Discovery Center which provides affordable crisis intervention including drug and alcohol problems. Last year was its 50th anniversary and it treats over 15,000 patients a year.


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