Pumpkin Patch Party

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Curtis Booher

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Things seen and heard, by a farmer, during a hard days work such as crows flying, vines blowing, and shadows in the trees, along with the sound of crickets singing and wolves howling begin to play tricks on the farmer’s mind. See how they become Witches, a werewolf and many other characters as the events of the day come together and flow back into his mind in the form of a dream as he takes a nap in his chair before supper on the night of Halloween.

Curtis Booher

A native of Luther, Oklahoma, Curtis Booher developed a knack for storytelling at a very early age. He would sit on the porch of his little country home and listen intently as his father told him story after story, some true and some with a bit of imagination woven into them. Curt’s storytelling began around the age of five with tales of his hunting and fishing adventures with his grandpa, “whom he never met,” all imaginary, as the family sat at the dining table for supper. Curt is quick to credit his dad for much of the joy he himself now derives from the telling of children’s stories.

Things seen, and heard during the day are remembered in a dream, as a hard-working farmer takes a nap in his chair before supper.


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