Ponchito and Margarita’s First Halloween

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Nelibeth Plaza

Published Date: August 24, 2023
Pages: 48

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In this creepy spooky Halloween story. Charlie convinces his siblings Mya, Jacob, and the two adopted squirrels, Ponchito and Margarita, on a adventurous journey, to explore a hunted house up the hill. Instead of marching on the Halloween parade, which is a community tradition. Then after the parade all the children go around knocking on doors Trick—Or-Treating.

The children leave the parade, to enter the hunted house up the hill, and encounter: spider webs, flying bats, tiny ghosts, goblins, zombies, mummies, and dancing skeletons. The children need to escape from all these horrible creepy monsters. Mya saw an open window, which she can fly on her magical flying broom stick to get help.

Charlie, announces that he took some of MaMa’s hot apple cider, magical potion with a dash of pixie dust. He had filled his water bottle, when no one was looking, and placed it inside his backpack. Mya stated, “Charlie you’re a genius!”

Ponchito and Margarita had never experienced, a haunted house full of monsters and they were terrified and horrified. It was Ponchito who stated, “We should all make a pinky promise, to never enter a haunted house on Halloween or otherwise.”

Nelibeth Plaza

Nelibeth Plaza retired from the New York City Board of Education, after twenty-seven years of service as an elementary school teacher and formerly as an assistant principal. She has a passion for reading aloud to children and the art of storytelling.


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